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Oakland Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

bathroom cabinet refinishingCabinet refacing refers to the physical transformation of the cabinetry by changing its parts with new ones. Depending on your preferences, you can choose elements that fit the theme and layout of the area. If you want to retain your storage boxes in the bathroom but plan to alter the design, cabinet refacing is the quickest fix.

If you want to put skin or laminate on your bathroom cabinets, this is the perfect solution for you. It is better to seek the help of a professional in carrying out the modification. We can help you with your concern! Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters offers different cabinet services like cabinet refacing in Florida.

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Refacing vs. Replacement

Most of the time, if people don’t decide to go for a refacing, they decide to get a replacement. There are many factors to consider before the selection, and these two are reasonable options in which any homeowner can benefit, depending on their needs and desires.

Refacing is often confused with replacement as their meanings are closely similar to one another. Yet, the primary difference they have is that replacement involves a completely new cabinet bought from the store, whereas refacing involves new design, style, and appearance, but still, the boxes are the existing ones, as well as the layout of placement.

There are two components in refacing: the installation of brand new doors and frontages of the cabinet and installing veneers in the boxes. The drawers are replaceable if they’re no longer in good condition. Plus, new hardware can be added too. Refacing saves up 40% to 50% percent of the money you are to spend for replacement. You can do it yourself, but it would be difficult. The help of professionals is highly recommended. Also, they can work faster and more accurately.

On the other hand, replacement refers to the removal of old and existing cabinets and the installation of new ones subsequently. It is important to take note of the precise level of your base cabinets so that the things that you are to store inside will be kept safe. Of course, cabinet replacement is more pricey than refacing, given that new cabinets are installed. It is also less eco-friendly than cabinet refacing because every unused box ends up in the landfill. Replacement can be done more quickly than refacing.

Refacing Options

master bathroom cabinet remodelVeneer is the most used material in any refacing job. Fortunately, it comes in a wide array of options: styles, patterns, textures, colors, grains, etc. You can get your ideal bathroom cabinet design through cabinet refacing. You won’t have to pay for a higher price and search for unique and high-quality materials. Refacing gives you the convenience of doing a bathroom facelift easily at an affordable cost.

Real Wood Veneers

Real wood is more attractive than replicated, artificial wood. For wood lovers, you can enjoy the option of being able to affix wood material to your cabinets. You can choose from a vast scope of stain colors and standard species, too, such as oak, maple, cherry, etc. It must be noted, though, that this is the highest-priced option.

Plastic Laminates

The edge of the plastic, among all other options, is that it is resistant to water, rodent, and termite infestations as well.

Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) Doors

RTF doors are made from fiberboard that is coated with a durable plastic layer of covering. This is a cheap and good alternative to real wood or laminate doors.

Customizable Parts

attractive bathroom remodelDespite the fixed bathroom layout, you can play with replacing parts and their designs. The parts of a cabinet, such as the hardware, are highly customizable under any cabinet refacing. The following are examples of customizable parts:


Hardware makes the cabinet operable. Should you need replacement or improvement for your existing hardware materials, you can do so with cabinet refacing. This includes handles, knobs, hinges, etc.


Handles must both be functional and decorative. You can choose from a variety of material types such as ceramic, plastic, crystal, wood.


Since a door is located in front of the cabinet and takes up much space, it is the first thing the eye can see. It’s very visible that any dent, mark, or mismatch in color is noticeable. But there’s nothing to worry about! With cabinet refacing, you can easily change your bathroom cabinet doors and their styles.


Overlays pertain to the manner of how the doors of the drawers are attached to the cabinet. There are two types of overlays: traditional and full. Traditional overlays create a boxed look, whereas full overlays make the doors seamlessly mounted and the frame, invisible.

Oakland Custom Cabinet Company

Oakland Bathroom Cabinet Refacing refinishing orig 300x169If you are looking for a team of craftspeople who can do refacing for your bathroom cabinets, you finally found a reputable company! Our Oakland cabinet company provides excellent cabinet services to different types of clients. We will make sure that your cabinetry is refaced beautifully and accurately. We have the tools, resources, and, most especially, the experts who can turn your cabinets into the best-looking and most practical cabinets at home. Let’s talk!

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