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Oakland Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Create a relaxing, calming, and refreshing environment for one of the most intimate rooms of your home. Your Oakland custom bathroom cabinet company, Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters creates attractive custom bathroom storage solutions.

bathroom cabinet refinishing

Whether you want to create a new double vanity for your master bath, update your guest bath with a new, cleaner look, refinish your existing bathroom cabinets, or add new storage solutions, we have the right solutions for you!

As your complete bathroom cabinetry professionals, we assist with all aspects of bathroom storage, and can help design, manufacture, and install the right cabinets for your needs, space, and budget. From complete remodels to cabinet refinishing or refacing, we have customized solutions that work for you.

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Custom Bathroom Vanity Replacement

Let’s face it; the room where you get clean has a tendency to get dirty, there simply is no avoiding it. Your bathroom cabinets can take the brunt of that damage, with exposure to high-humidity, hair products and harsh cleaning chemicals, and more than can cause your cabinets to deteriorate or lose their luster.

attractive bathroom remodel

When it is time to replace your bathroom vanities, Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters is here for you. We can provide custom master bath cabinetry storage solutions that can create a more attractive, clean finish to your space by hiding all the necessities of grooming out of sight. From simply replacing your existing cabinets and vanities to adding additional storage solutions, or reconfiguring or modifying your space, we provide smart, affordable solutions for any project size or type.

Whether your old cabinets are outdated, damaged, unsightly, or if you just wish you had more storage or counter space, we are excited to create the ideal space for you.

Bath Cabinetry Refinishing & Refacing

Not every bathroom remodel requires complete cabinetry replacement, and that is where our Oakland, FL bathroom cabinet refinishing and refacing services can help save you time and money!

Bathroom remodel

Bath cabinet refinishing is when we use your existing cabinet boxes and doors and repair and reinvigorate them. We can restore your existing finish, or apply an attractive new stain or painted finish to give your bathroom a completely new look.

Bathroom cabinet refacing is the step between refinishing and replacement. With custom cabinet refacing, we keep your existing cabinet frames and boxes, repair, refinish, or paint them if needed, and replace the doors and hardware with new furnishings that fit your budget and space.

We are dedicated to providing attractive, elegant, and relaxing bathroom environments, and will always provide the best possible solutions to meet your aesthetics and budget.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Oakland Custom Bathroom Cabinets refinishing orig 300x169Our Oakland bathroom cabinet company provides a wide array of custom cabinetry solutions, allowing us to provide the exact level of refinishing that you need for your unique project and home.

Whether you are looking to install a new bath, add new storage features, or simply want to update the finish of your existing bathroom vanity, Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters is the smart, local, and dedicated partner for you.

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