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Apopka Cabinet Refacing

An affordable alternative to cabinet replacement, cabinet refacing is a fast, inexpensive way to update the appearance of your cabinets in your kitchen, bath, or commercial spaces.

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Whether you are updating the cabinetry in a home you have lived in for a long time, or a home you have just moved into that doesn’t fit your design aesthetic, we have smart solutions to create an attractive space that fits your preferences and budget. Your Apopka cabinet refacing company, we deliver innovative alternatives to cabinet replacement that save you time, money, and hassle.

Cabinet refacing, also called cabinet redooring, is the process of replacing only the doors to your cabinets, allowing you to update the style, color, pattern, or material of your cabinet faces to better suit your life, style, or lifestyle. This fast, affordable solution is a great option for homeowners who have functionally sound cabinetry and would like to get a bit more out of their remodel budget.

Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters provides smart, affordable cabinet refinishing options, designing a space that suits your needs, budget, and style.

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Cabinet Refacing Vs. Replacement

Replacement cabinetry is attractive, clean, and a common part of any kitchen or bath remodel project. However, not every project needs total cabinet replacement, and making smart alternative choices can help you stretch your budget even further.

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The doors of your cabinets experience the most wear and tear, and can suffer from dents, scuffs, or deterioration of the finish leaving them with an unsightly appearance, and in need of replacement. However, if your interior cabinet boxes are in good condition, then you can avoid the expense and hassle of replacing that component and instead opt for refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them.

With cabinet refacing, we remove the doors from your cabinets, make any needed repairs, refinishing, or functionality modifications you would like made to your cabinet boxes, shelves, or drawers, and attach new doors and hardware for a completely updated space. If you prefer, we can refinish your existing doors to their original appeal or update them with a darker stain or painted finish, and reinstall the original doors if in good enough condition.

We also assist with layout design and can reconfigure your layout, add islands or bars, or install additional shelving or freestanding pantry cabinets to provide even more storage. Our custom cabinetry experts will review your space, provide smart recommendations, and help you get the most for your remodel budget.

Cabinet Refacing Options

As a complete Apopka, FL custom cabinetry company, Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters can provide any type of face or finish you desire for your home or commercial cabinets. Refacing cabinets can be done by refinishing your existing cabinet doors to update their appearance, or by replacing the doors entirely with a new style.

custom cabinet refacingWhether you like the traditional, warm feel of hardwood or prefer a more modern, minimalist style, we provide an array of material, design, and finish options to ensure you get the space of your dreams. We provide a variety of finishes, including stained wood, painted wood, veneer, or even glass doors, so you can perfectly personalize your space to meet the needs and style of your home or business. We can even utilize different faces for upper cabinets and lower cabinets or create islands in complementary colors for a more modern look.

Cabinet refacing is an affordable, fast alternative to complete cabinet replacement, however, we understand that homeowners have varying needs, so we are happy to provide either option to best suit the needs of any client. We can also assist with countertops and other aspects of your remodel project. Whether you are looking for assistance with a home improvement project or a commercial interior build-out, our experts provide the right solutions for you.

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Apopka Cabinet Refacing refinishing orig 300x169Take your remodeling budget further with attractive, fast, and affordable cabinetry refinishing alternatives by Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters!

We provide a full array of custom cabinetry solutions, from complete cabinet replacement to cabinet refinishing, including cabinet refacing. Our Apopka cabinet refacing company is dedicated to providing high-end appeal at affordable prices, and will always provide the right solutions for your project, home or business, needs, and budget.

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