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Oviedo Cabinet Refinishing

Tired of your current cabinets and ready for an update? Completely replacing your cabinets is not always needed, especially when you can refinish them instead! An Oviedo cabinet refinishing company, our experts take your old cabinets and make them look new again.

custom cabinet refinishing

Overtime, the finish on the faces of your cabinetry can get worn away from use and cleaning, making them lose their original luster and sheen. We can restore your cabinetry back to it’s original beauty, or provide a completely new finish for an updated look. Whether you would like to update your existing wood cabinets to a durable painted finish, select a new color of stain, or simply replace the glossy coating that protects your original wood and it’s color, we provide the right cabinet refinishing solutions for you. We can even provide complete door refacing or replacement if they have sustained unsightly damage.

Cabinet refinishing can completely change the look of your space, and is a great addition to your other remodeling projects. As a full-service provider, we can also deliver custom countertops and other storage solutions for a complete, finished new space.

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Quickly update your space at a fraction of the cost of complete remodeling with kitchen cabinet refinishing!

kitchen cabinet refinishing

Replacement kitchen cabinets can be a long, expensive project. However, most homes don’t need complete cabinet replacement. Many kitchen layouts and cabinet boxes are functionally sound, the doors of the cabinets are what could use the most updating. We provide kitchen cabinet refinishing services to restore your cabinetry and update your look while keeping your kitchen remodel project within your budget.

If you need additional cabinetry elements to complete your kitchen, such as adding an island, pantry, wine racks, and other organizational systems, we can include that in your cabinetry project as well, ensuring you get a complete, updated, and attractive kitchen that meets the needs of your family, and looks great doing it.

Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing

There is nothing more relaxing than a clean and updated bathroom. One of the most expensive remodeling projects, homeowners are often looking for ways to reduce the cost of their bathroom makeover.

bathroom cabinet refinishing

Many master baths feature built-in cabinetry instead of traditional free standing vanities. These can be a challenge to find replacements for at traditional big-box home improvement stores, and often, the interior cabinet boxes are typically in good shape. This means that instead of replacing your entire bathroom cabinetry, you can refinish them instead!

We provide complete bathroom cabinet refinishing services, whether you prefer to maintain your original stain, update the stain color, or get a durable painted finish. Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters is your Oviedo, FL bathroom cabinet refinishing company, providing quality products and services, custom-designed to your home and needs, at affordable prices.

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We deliver attractive, long-lasting kitchen and bath cabinet refinishing solutions that make both homeowners and their budgets happy. If you are ready to update your home and would like to discuss the options available to you for cabinet remodeling, our experts are here for you.

Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters is your Oviedo cabinet refinishing company, providing high-quality products and services to our clients. We look forward to serving you.

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