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Kissimmee Cabinet Repair Company

custom commercial cabinetryDo you have a damaged cabinet? Probably it was harmed due to molds, water, moisture, or maybe the cabinet is too old and used up already. Instinctively, you have two options to resolve your problem: to repair or replace the cabinet.

Some people choose to repair the cabinet, especially if the damage is not that massive to the extent that repairing it is close to impossible. They believe that it will still be functional, regardless. Others quickly decide to replace their cabinets to avoid any hassle.

Either way, your decision is a question of practicality. What is the more practical thing to do? Well, it is a case to case basis, and of course, it depends on your personal preferences. But if you want to know whether going for repair is a practical move, the answer is: absolutely!

Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters offers a myriad of cabinet solutions that can save and restore your cabinet. If your cabinet has a sentimental value that you just can’t afford to lose it, we can give a whole new life to it. For any kind of repair—simple or complex, we assure you that we can accommodate all your requests. We have our Kissimmee team of engineers, repair specialists, and installation experts who can help in saving the life of your cabinet, giving it an embellished new look!

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Signs That You Need a Cabinet Repair

Any damage is a sign that you need a cabinet repair. However, there are a lot of reasons why a repair is not anybody’s priority. For instance, there is obvious damage, but the cabinet is still functional. Due to the daily hustle and bustle, concerns like this are often being put off.

Yet, if you want to prolong the life of your cabinet, you must respond to any wear and tear with preventive steps as quickly as possible. The following are signs that you need to repair your damaged cabinet together with what causes them.


bathroom cabinet refinishingMoisture usually originates from leaky pipes. Too much of it makes wooden cabinets physically deteriorate. If your cabinet is located near any of your pipes, then this might be the case. Unfortunately, humidity does not work in favor of your wooden cabinets. For instance, you often take a hot shower every night or didn’t notice that water is leaking from your pipes, producing moisture from the hot and continuous flow of water, then over time, your cabinets become soft and in bad shape.


Flooding is one of the factors that might damage your cabinetry. Typically, the most prone areas include the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and storage areas. Water damage can originate from extreme weather conditions or pipe breakage. When water often gets in contact with your cabinetry, discoloring and weakening of the structure might occur.

Mildew and Mold

In a long span of usage, cabinets get old and weaker. Yet, that’s not the only problem that you might encounter. All of a sudden, mold and mildew exist. This happens due to the old age of the cabinets or due to the water or moisture that exposes any surface to mildew and mold.

Mildew refers to the white layer that sprouts on damp organic materials. It has minute fungal hyphae. Similarly, mold is a furry growth of minute fungal hyphae that grow in organic matters as well. It is commonly green in color. These contribute to the destruction of your cabinetry.

Termite Infestation and Rodents

The favorite place of termites is anything that’s wood, including your wooden cabinets. Termites are insects that feed and thrive on wood. Once they discover your cabinetry, they can easily destroy it in no time as they come in colonies. Meanwhile, rodents are mammals who love gnawing. They are mice, hamsters, squirrels, etc. Usually, they show up at night to have fun chewing on your cabinets.


Undeniably, things age faster than people do. But when both grow old, strength slowly withers away. If your cabinetry is too old already, damaged and dysfunctional, then you need a restoration that will enable you to keep them.

Cabinet Repair Services

attractive wood floor refinishingSometimes, all you need is a good repair. If your cabinets are damaged by any of the factors and signs mentioned above or probably by other things, Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters can always come to your rescue! We perform various kinds of repair services that will make your cabinets good as new! In addition to that, we also offer installation for your new cabinets. Here are some of the following:

Cabinet Installation

Before anything else, let’s discuss cabinet installation. If you have a new one and have no idea how to install it, you can call us for help. Installation is the attachment of cabinetry to the wall or floor. It must be done properly and accurately to ensure the safety of users and, of course, to prolong the life of the cabinets.

Cabinet Repair

Cabinet repair service often helps clients who have broken cabinets. Perhaps the hinges are broken, or the laminates of your cabinet are peeling. Should there be any problem else, we can accommodate your requests for repair.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is the act of updating your cabinet’s appearance. If you want a more sophisticated look or maybe you have a new design in mind that is more appropriate for your house design, we can help you reface your cabinets. If you have broken cabinets, this can be your option as well. We can restore them by changing parts and adding some embellishment.

Consult with Our Home Professionals

Kissimmee Cabinet Repair Company refinishing orig 300x169At Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters, we will provide you with full-service cabinet solutions to improve your productivity and lessen your hassle. Storages help keep everything organized at home and get rid of the clutter. Whether you need any kind of repair service, remodeling, restoration, installation, and others, our Kissimmee cabinet company is more than ready to assist you!

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