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Gotha Custom Commercial Cabinets

custom commercial cabinetryFor any type of business, commercial cabinets are essential. They help in sorting things out, keeping files organized, and clearing out the workspaces. With that, the productivity and work efficiency of employees is enhanced.

If you’re thinking of getting cabinets for your office, there are important factors to consider; some of which are the costs, durability, style, overall look, etc. At Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters, we understand that each business has different needs. This is why we create custom commercial cabinets that are appropriate for your company. Apart from that, our Gotha cabinet company also offers cabinet services such as installation, refacing, and replacement.

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Before anything else, you must first know the type of cabinet that you need.

Common Cabinet Categories

The strength and durability usually climb as the top consideration of most businesses in choosing a commercial cabinet. How long would it last? Is it fragile or scratch-resistant? We all want a long-lasting cabinet that won’t require replacement or repair now and then. So, in considering the resilience of cabinets, here are the categories that you should know:

Office Cabinets

Office cabinets or business cabinets are popular for the storage of light materials such as papers, folders, and other filing materials. They are most appropriate for light use, not so much for heavy equipment. If you need file storage in the office, this option is perfect for you.

Industrial Cabinets

Industrial cabinets are best used in storing tools and equipment for manufacturing. They can accommodate heavier materials than office cabinets. These include the regularly used commercial jacks, wrenches, and portable magnetic drills. Industrial cabinets provide storage and security not only for specialized tools but also for chemicals or solvents needed in the process. Due to the different sizes and weights of the tools and equipment, you might need a custom-made cabinet that can store your specific gears.

Sturdy Cabinets

Sturdy or heavy-duty cabinets are the toughest ones that can withstand heavy machines, tools, or materials. Manufacturing instruments need proper storage, especially if the fabrication takes place in an unsafe or risky environment. If you need the type of cabinet that can keep your hefty gears protected, then this is the right option for you.

Generally, a distinct application determines what type of cabinet you’ll need. Make sure that you know what materials will mainly take up space in your commercial cabinets, as well as the location where they will be installed and used as you select the right one.

Common Cabinet Styles

custom kitchen cabinetsFor a commercial cabinet, there are three basic style options that you can choose from:


The storage style is the most popular option for businesses. You may see this in offices and commercial properties. Typically, they are steel shelves that are arranged horizontally. To organize files and secure some light equipment, you can opt to make a purchase of this style.


The wardrobe style is the type that stores uniforms, coats, and other manufacturing protective gowns. It has a top shelf and a coat rod.


The combination of storage and wardrobe styles is recommended for more flexible accommodation of materials. It gives you both features that you can use for multiple purposes.

Custom Cabinets

Apart from the three basic style types, a custom cabinet is still the best way to go, especially if you have specific applications that can’t be lodged by a fixed cabinet style alone. If you want a distinct look and arrangement of drawers or chests, custom cabinets can give you your specific requests.

Additional Cabinet Features That You Might Need

Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters allows business owners in Gotha, FL to have additional features on their custom cabinets. These include casters that increase portability, vents for improved air circulation, transparency to enhance visibility, resistance to rust, scratch, and many others. If you think you need these extra features for more efficient storage and business operations, we can provide them for you.

Some Tips on Getting the Right Cabinet

To give you an idea of how to choose the right commercial cabinet, here is a summary of tips!

First of all, look at your budget and consider it as you pick for a cabinet style. A custom cabinet is the best option if you want a more personalized look and added features, although it is more costly than the stock and semi-custom types.

When choosing a cabinet style, consider the theme of your office (or any location where the cabinets will be installed), including the color, design, texture, material, etc. Make sure that the cabinets complement the other elements present in the area. Also, don’t hesitate to check on the construction of the cabinets. You know a cabinet is well-built and sturdy if it is made from solid wood. Particleboards are often less rigid than solid wood.

The most important advice we can give you is to not compromise your cabinet needs. If you need a specific feature, know your options, then make a decision. Your partner company will help you decide on a set of choices. Remember that the better and customized the cabinet features are, the more convenient your use will be.

Custom Commercial Cabinet Company

Gotha Custom Commercial Cabinets refinishing orig 300x169To acquire the best deal and cabinetry, you must get the right partner for the manufacturing and installation of your commercial cabinets. Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters is a reputable Gotha cabinet company that designs and fabricates cabinets that perfectly suit the needs of varying clients. We can help you select the best cabinet option among a plethora of alternatives in color, style, built, texture, etc. Whatever your requests are, we can do them for you! We guarantee only the best products and services for your business.

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