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Windermere Custom Commercial Storage

custom bar for homeFor every business or commercial space, storage is one of the most important things you have to consider. It will help you with a lot of things, and if you want to use one for your company, you should get them made with a trusted company like Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters.

Commercial storage can come in various sizes and functions; however, they may not work well if they are not truly fitted to the space. Our Windermere team will be able to customize the storage space that you will need after we assess your area and know your storage requirements. If you do not have a clear idea of how you want the storage cabinets to be like, our team will offer you expert advice and recommendations on how your cabinets will be like. We also do customization if that is what you need.

We understand that these cabinets are important to your business, which is why we will design them according to your needs. Our Windermere team will also deliver them immediately and make sure you can use them perfectly.

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Benefits of Commercial Storage

Windermere Custom Commercial Storage kitchen cabinet refinish remodel in progress installation 300x200There are many benefits to owning a commercial storage unit – may it be a cabinet or a shelf – that every business owner should remember when considering them for your business. If you don’t have one, chances are you and your team will find it hard to stay productive in your space.

Here are the benefits of custom commercial storage that you must remember.

Expands your space

If you have a small business space, you will need to find ways to maximize the space and at the same time, hold everything together. If you are using a standard-sized storage cabinet, they may take a lot of space. By getting it custom made, you can get the cabinets perfectly fitted to your space and open up more areas that were taken up originally by your old storage units.

Secures your products

Security is always at the forefront of any business, and it is essential that you keep your money, files, and products safe from theft as much as possible. If someone with ill intentions gets them from your storage shelves, it can spell huge losses for your company. Customized commercial storage allows you to secure these products as they can be fitted with locks and other security features that will protect the contents.

Improves organization

An organized company allows its workers to be more productive because they can easily move around the office space and get the files they need for their tasks. However, not all commercial storage units were made with enough functional options. Custom commercial storage units will be made based on the client’s requirements on how they want their storage units to be organized and how much space they should have. Compartments and shelving will be added and make sure they can be accessed easily.

Keeps everything safe from damage

Wherever you may place your commercial storage cabinets, they must be able to protect the contents, especially if they are in a high-traffic area. There will be times when people might end up bumping on the cabinet when they are in a rush. To solve this problem, custom commercial storage cabinets use a wide variety of materials that are proven to be very durable to use. They will also not require constant maintenance and cleaning.


If you need moving storage, it is important that your cabinets can go along wherever you need them. Getting one that has wheels can be tricky to find, and if you do find one, they might get damaged easily. When you get them custom-made, you can make sure that the wheels of the storage unit are strong and won’t break down quickly. Experienced custom cabinet makers can even add compartments that can be transformed for a new purpose.

No matter what industry you may be in, having commercial storage ready is essential for your business. If you want to get customized, our designers are on standby to help you. We can even recommend the styles and materials that can be used so you can achieve the image you want for your storage units.

Why Choose Us

Windermere Custom Commercial Storage cabinet remodel install refinish 218x300When it comes to custom cabinet solutions, you can trust us, Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters, to handle it. We are one of the best in Windermere, FL when it comes to cabinetry, and we can tackle residential and commercial cabinet solutions.

What makes us special is the fact that we provide full-service from the time you request our service to when we install your new cabinets on the space. We take pride in making sure that everything is perfect for the area, asking clients upon reaching out to us for every detail needed, and recommending the perfect ones for the space. We can also do customization if that is the request of the client.

We will also check your space to see where the cabinets will be placed and give a reasonable and affordable quote. Once approved, we will install them in your space and finish by cleaning up after our work so you can use your cabinets immediately.

Free Consultation Today

Windermere Custom Commercial Storage refinishing orig 300x169When it comes to commercial spaces, commercial storage is crucial for productivity and profit. With the help of Cudjoe's Cabinets and Counters, serving the residents of Windermere, you can be reassured that the custom commercial storage units we will build for your space will help you with your business goals and protect your items in the process.

Let our team help you find the solution to your commercial storage needs and see how we can help you save up as well.

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